An attractive and durable product : The mid-high swimming pool enclosure Cassiopee

The mid-high swimming pool enclosure Cassiopee is an ideal compromise for those looking for a swimming pool enclosure providing a perfect balance between habitability and discretion. Its angular design of 3 angles contributes to create a generous bathing space. The first element of the mid-high pool enclosure Cassiopee, starting with a height of 1.20m, allows to almost reaching the height of a habitable enclosure but with a maximal height of 1.80m at the highest element. This will allow you enjoying your pool a lot more often during the year!

This enclosure offers an optimal integration within your outdoors space. Telescopic and without rails, the swimming pool space quickly recovers its original charm! The sliding doors ensure and access though the bottom, the facade or the sides.

Finally, the exclusive auto-guide system allows for a supple and linear displacement that can easily be done by two people. Enjoy your swimming pool enclosure your own way, in a simple manner!

Download the product sheet

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