A protected outdoors space to relax : Spa enclosures Rondalis and Ovalis

Dome shaped or oval, the spa enclosures Rondalis and Ovalis are aesthetically pleasing and practical. They are the ideal solution to enjoy your spa to the maximum thanks to the greenhouse effect that heats the air almost immediately after the first sun rays! This relaxing space will protect your spa against the weather vagaries, guarantying for you a minimal maintenance.

Finally, they are manageable thanks to their dome shape. The spa enclosures Rondalis and Ovalis open up to 160° and close again in a few seconds.

Enjoy moments of relax throughout the whole year!

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spa enclosure Rotonde
Spa Enclosure Rotonde

Modern and spacious : The spa enclosure Rotonde

Attached to a wall or independent, the spa enclosure Rotonde adapts itself to your outdoors space. The shape of the enclosure gives you the opportunity to add style to the opening and to soften the angular lines. In perfect harmony with the exterior of your house, it will blend into the landscape and you will be able to enjoy your spa during the summer as well as during the winter.

This enclosure protects your spa against the bad weather and will heat your relaxing space during the sunny days.

The spa enclosure Rotonde is very malleable, fitted with self-porting bearings, it will facilitate its folding.

Give yourself moments of relax during the whole year!

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Spa Enclosure MAIA
Spa Enclosure Maïa

A space for relax within your garden or your terrace : The Spa Enclosure MAIA

Ensure the protection of your spa against the vagaries of the weather (snow, rain, strong wind, leaves and debris taken by the wind) thanks to the spa enclosure Maïa. More than a enclosure, it is a true space to relax under protection.

The outdoors spa enclosure allows benefiting to the maximum from the heating resulting from the sun rays. It’s perfect to be able to enjoy the spa en periods of low temperatures!

This spa enclosure Maïa is telescopic, without rail and can be folded over one side thanks to its retractable facade, but it is equally possible to open an element of your choice to cover all your needs.

Finally, its modularity within the choice of the conception (accordion facade, fixed bottom facade, tilting facade, and integration of a rotunda for access) will allow the enclosure to be totally adapted to your desires.

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