Sotrend, fixed roof pergola or carport : aesthetics, modular and economic

The fixed roof pergola Sotrend it’s an aesthetically pleasing solution, robust, modular and economic, it´s ideal to cover or protect your terrace or an outdoor social space! It can also be used as a “CARPORT” to protect your car or your motor home!

This pergola can be installed against a wall (2 or 3 posts) or self-supported (4 or 6 feet) and has a one-slope fix roof (adjustable from 9% to 26%) made on alveolar polycarbonate with anti-UV treatment of 16m opaque or translucent. The structure of this pergola is made on thermal-coated aluminium. 

The Sotrend fixed pergola, in its standard version, can cover up to 7950mm and 5000mm of width, with a profile of a gutter with only one holder.

Different options (colour, LED lighting with or without gradable switch, heating) enable the customization of this shelter according to your preferences.

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