Motorised Retractable Canvas Pergola Pergalis : Attractive and efficient

The Motorised Retractable Canvas Pergola Pergalis allow you covering a space of up to 5 meters. Its structure consists of modules that can be adjusted for an exceptional comfort during its day by day use. This model has all the advantages of a high performance pergola. It doesn’t need construction licence, a simple authorization request will be sufficient. The use is optimised even for strong wind and the protection against the rain for your furniture is maximal.

The Pergalis pergola offers you the possibility to cover a large space (up to 5m) and to close one or more sides of the pergola.

Enjoy the fair weather with its roof completely open!

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Aluminium bioclimatic pergola with mobile slats
Aluminium bioclimatic pergola with mobile slats PERGALIS

Aluminium bioclimatic pergola with remote controlled mobile slats

The remote controlled mobile slats can be oriented along 150°! Your roof can be oriented and its design is studied to catch light allowing you to modify the degree of sun received very easily.

Moreover, it is also possible to modify the natural ventilation to enjoy your terrace every moment of the day. The gutter integrated to the slats bioclimatic pergola guaranties you a total impermeability for your terrace !

On the other hand, the bioclimatic pergola, self-supported or fixed to a wall, offers you the possibility of installing it perpendicular to your house for an optimal luminosity. Moreover, conceived to add to your outdoors life and to respect the environment, this pergola is 100% recyclable!

In conclusion, it can cover large widths, up to 4.8m and it can be customised according to your preferences (gutter, lighting, colour, type of slats).

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Fixed roof pergola or Carport SoTrend
Fixed terrace pergola or Carport SoTrend

Sotrend, fixed roof pergola or carport : aesthetics, modular and economic

The fixed roof pergola Sotrend it’s an aesthetically pleasing solution, robust, modular and economic, it´s ideal to cover or protect your terrace or an outdoor social space! It can also be used as a “CARPORT” to protect your car or your motor home!

This pergola can be installed against a wall (2 or 3 posts) or self-supported (4 or 6 feet) and has a one-slope fix roof (adjustable from 9% to 26%) made on alveolar polycarbonate with anti-UV treatment of 16m opaque or translucent. The structure of this pergola is made on thermal-coated aluminium. 

The Sotrend fixed pergola, in its standard version, can cover up to 7950mm and 5000mm of width, with a profile of a gutter with only one holder.

Different options (colour, LED lighting with or without gradable switch, heating) enable the customization of this shelter according to your preferences.

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Telescopic terrace enclosure Teralis
Telescopic terrace enclosure Teralis

An ideal winter garden : the telescopic terrace enclosure Teralis 

It is neither a veranda, nor a supplementary room. The terrace enclosure Teralis, mural or attached, it’s a fabulous way to optimise the use of your outdoor space throughout the year in a few seconds! The enclosure integrates perfectly and easily in your living space and allows you enjoying your terrace and your garden for longer and more often.

It telescopic structure rends the terrace enclosure Teralis extremely manoeuvrable and can be adjusted in a few seconds.

In fact, the terrace enclosure Teralis can be folded over one side thanks to its accordion facade, but can also be opened at the element of your choice.

Finally, it’s an adjustable space that catches the smallest source of heat and constitutes an ideal winter garden!

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