An ideal winter garden : the telescopic terrace enclosure Teralis 

It is neither a veranda, nor a supplementary room. The terrace enclosure Teralis, mural or attached, it’s a fabulous way to optimise the use of your outdoor space throughout the year in a few seconds! The enclosure integrates perfectly and easily in your living space and allows you enjoying your terrace and your garden for longer and more often.

It telescopic structure rends the terrace enclosure Teralis extremely manoeuvrable and can be adjusted in a few seconds.

In fact, the terrace enclosure Teralis can be folded over one side thanks to its accordion facade, but can also be opened at the element of your choice.

Finally, it’s an adjustable space that catches the smallest source of heat and constitutes an ideal winter garden!

Tailor-made Terrace enclosure

A tailor-made terrace enclosure that adapts itself to your living space ! 

Without rails on the ground to avoid obstacles, our tailor-made terrace enclosure adapts perfectly to your desires and to the configuration of your outdoors space. We fit our terrace enclosures with auto-portable bearings to ensure a very quick and effortless folding. And obviously, the auto-guiding system has been conceived to allow a supple and linear displacement for this tailor made terrace enclosure.

In addition, we conceive our tailor-made enclosures keeping certain pre-requirements. The latter give us our specificity on the market and we consider them as key for our customers: telescopic conception, foldable facade, adjustable opening!

The tailor-made terrace enclosure is a very good way to optimise the use of your outdoors space throughout the whole year!

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